D  O  M  E  N  I  C  O      F  O  S  C  H  I


Domenico Foschi was born in Bari, Italy, in 1962.

Although always exploring different kinds of creative media since childhood, he found that photography would be what he would stick with for many years to come, after stealing  his brother's camera for a short trip . He was nineteen at the time.
Not being able to afford a formal education in photography, he started to study the work of the masters in books.
He found the expressive power of the work  of Alvin Langdon Coburn , Kertesz, Steichen, Stieglitz, Strand, Sander, Penn  Avedon,  and a few others, of pivotal importance to his direction as a Fine Art photographer.
Working in the Sergio Guidetti Studio Fotografico, he received “hands on“ training  on the use of large format cameras, to developing and printing techniques.
He then worked as a freelance commercial photographer in Ravenna, his home-town, shooting for magazines, newspapers, the City Administration and Political parties.
Soon he realized that commercial photography wasn't going to allow him to explore his creativity  in a more personal way.

D, F. moved in the U. S. in 1989.
Here he has produced many different portfolios ranging from portraits, to Urban Landscapes, to Still Life, to Italian landscapes etc..  His commercial work took a direction on his own, mainly by producing CD  covers for recording artists and commissioned Fine Art Black and White Portraiture.
D. F. has received awards for his images, and his work has been published on View Camera Magazine, B/W Magazine, Silvershotz Magazine, Blow Magazine, Looking Glass Magazine and other publications.
His work has been shown at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and in Galleries in Spain, Italy and the US and in 2009 he was a grant recipient by the HARC foundation.

Darkroom Offer
Los Angeles, Mon Amour
Lingering Past
Portfolio I
Tarnished Promises


Education and Internship

1985  Assistant photographer @ Sergio Guidetti Photo Studio. Bologna, Italy
1982  Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani

Grants / Awards

1999  1st prize Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. La Habra, California.
2000  2nd prize Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. La Habra, California.
2002  2nd prize Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. La Habra, California.
2006  Honorable mention B/W Magazine. Arrojo Grande, California.
2007  Honorable mention International Silver Contest in the master printer category. Pasadena California
2008  1st & 2nd price Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. La Habra, California.
2009  Grant recipient HARC foundation
2011  Kickstarter fundraiser

Solo Exhibitions

1999  Muckentaler Cultural Center. Fullerton, California.
2004  Viaggio fotografico: Images by an Italian photographer from his motherland. Bluebird Art House. Whittier, California.
2007  Casita del Pueblo Gallery. Whittier, California
2008  Beyond the obvious Espacio Orienta. Zaragoza, Spain.

Group Exhibitions

1999  Two men show with sculptor Leon Leigh. Whittier Art Gallery, Whittier, California

2002  Bluebird Gallery. Whittier, California. 

2004  Lev Moross Gallery. Hollywood, California

2006   J. Ferrari gallery Atwater Village, California
2006  NoHo Gallery LA, North Hollywwod, California
2006  Bluebird Art House. “Colors" Whittier, California
2006  Eclectic Cactus Gallery. Eagle Rock, California

2007  Mary Paxton Gallery. Norwalk, California
2007  Bac Art Studio. Venice, Italy
2007  Call for entries Cultural Art Center, Pico Rivera, California
2007  Soft Focus. Mainstream Gallery. Burbank, California.
2007  A black and white photography show J. Ferrari Gallery. Atwater Village, California
2007  Sacred memory, honoring the dead Pico House. Los Angeles, California.
2007 A group show Mainstream Gallery. Burbank, California

2008  LACMA rental and sales gallery. Los Angeles, California
2008  Black and White Installation at the Los Angeles International airport
2008  Guest photographer at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Palm Springs, California
2008  Artseen 3 Aids research fundraiser. Los ANgeles, California
2008  Micro/Macro  Riverside Museum of Photography, Riverside, California
2008  East of Eden Municipal Art Gallery. Los Angeles, California

2009  Photo LA. Los Angeles, California
2009  40 shades of green Cactus Gallery. Eagle Rock, California
2009  Set Free  Blue Bird Art House. Whittier, California
2009  Show Up. A photographers collective. Riverside. California
2009   M is Melancholi. Center for Contemporary Arts. Hollywood, California
2009  Out there! Gallery 825. Los Angeles, California

2010  Photo LA. Santa Monica. California
2010  Gallery 825, Los Angeles, California
2010  Gallery 825, Los Angeles, California
2010  Elias Gallery. Whittier, California

2011  Blue Bird Art House. Whittier, California

2012 Photographic moments.   Kunsthal Braenderigarden Museum. Viborg, Denmark
2012   M56 Gallery. Riverside, California.
2012 Dreams Ideals and Performance Gina MW Gallery, Long Beach, California.

2013 RESURGENCE Blackboard Gallery, Camarillo, Ca.

2014  WOMEN Los Angeles Leica Gallery
2014 L.A. Bordeaux, France

2015 Group Show Avenue 50 Studio. Los Angeles
2015  TREES 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles.

2016 Preux & Proper. Los Angeles, Ca.
2016 Grayscale Wonderland II. BG Gallery Santa Monica, Ca.
2016 The Art of Quiet. Sugarmynt Gallery. Pasadena, Ca.
2016 Monster Gestalt. BG Gallery Santa Monica, Ca.
2016 Unbound 5 Candela Gallery. Richmond, Virginia.
2016 Santa Fe Springs Art Festival


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